Tips For A Successful Long-Distance Move

Whether you're moving a few streets over or several states away, the process is never easy. The longer the distance, though, the more complex the process can be. If you're planning a long-distance move, like a cross-country relocation, there are a few things that you'll want to consider. Here are some things you can do to make the process a bit less stressful.

Be Practical About Your Packing

A long-distance move is often more costly, both in the moving truck and the incidental expenses. Remember that everything you pack up is going to take up space in the moving truck. The more you move, the bigger the truck you'll have to rent. Since your moving costs are directly affected by the size of the truck that you rent, the less stuff you move, the more affordable it will be.

Be as practical as you can be about what you pack up. Host a yard sale or garage sale to not only get rid of the things you aren't bringing with you but also to help you put more money into your moving fund.

Then, you can focus your efforts on just the things you're taking with you. You can invest in brand new boxes so that everything is consolidated, boxed securely and well-protected. Box everything up as tightly as you can and wrap valuables in bubble wrap or other padding material. Use packing paper or tissue paper to fill in any gaps in the boxes. That way, nothing shifts or rattles along the way.

While you are packing, label everything in detail either on the boxes or on a separate list. It may slow your packing process, but it will make the unpacking and sorting process much easier. As an alternative to written inventories, you can use a digital camera to create a photo collage of what's in each box simply by taking pictures throughout the process and labeling each box with a letter or other identifiable figure.

This is ideal for long-distance moves, because you may not necessarily remember where you packed that coffee pot and cups. You'll make your first morning in the new place much easier if you label everything clearly this way.

Be Logical About the Truck Loading

When packing a truck for a long-distance move, your focus should be on balance. The weight of your furniture and boxes should be evenly distributed throughout the truck. That way, you won't have any problems with weight shifting or things moving in the back of the truck along the way. This reduces the risk of damage to boxes or furniture from falling boxes or toppling furniture. Remember that the tighter you pack the back of the truck, the more secure everything is going to be.

Be Realistic About Your Route

Any time you have to travel that far during a move, you need to have a plan in place for the route you'll travel to get where you're going. Map the moving route in advance, taking time to consider any possible construction that you'll have to navigate through. Consider calling the Department of Transportation in each state that you'll travel through to find out about construction as well as the child restraint laws, if applicable. Another thing that many people don't think of is validating the concealed carry laws in the states that they will travel through. If you have a permit to carry, make sure that you understand exactly what the regulations are for your firearm as you travel.

When you're planning and completing a long-distance move, it's no simple undertaking. If you aren't comfortable taking on the entire process on your own, reach out to a moving company such as Bekins Van Lines Inc for help.