3 Smart Tips For Keeping Your Electric RC Cars In Storage

Remote controlled, or RC, cars are great fun to have around when you have time to use them. Even in the best conditions, these electric cars require immense care and repairs, however. If you have to move often for work or family, you may find the process of packing and protecting your cars quite tedious. Over time, the frequent moves can take their toll on the condition of your RC vehicles. You may notice damage to the body, chassis and electronics that you do not have time to fix. You can keep your RC vehicles safe and sound while you travel around by placing them in a storage facility until you are done moving. Here are three tips for keeping your electronic RC cars in great shape while in storage.  

Clean The Car Thoroughly

Before you place your RC cars in storage, you should clean the wheels and chassis as thoroughly as possible to remove dirt and other debris. Over time, the dirt and debris can lodge deep within the joints of the vehicle's moving parts, seizing those components together.

If this happens, you will have no choice but to replace those components with new ones the next time you want to use that vehicle. You can clean your car using cotton swabs, general purpose cleaner and distilled water. Make sure to thoroughly dry your cars after cleaning to keep water from corroding the metal parts.

Replace The Oil In The Shocks

The oil used to fill the shocks on your RC cars can degrade over time. When moisture or other contaminants break down the shock oil, its viscosity and lubrication properties dramatically decline. The length of time it takes for this to happen varies according to the original viscosity rating, storage conditions and vehicle usage hours.

You can protect your shocks from damage by simply replacing the shock oil before placing them in storage. Once your RC cars have been in storage for a few years, you will want to replace the shock oil once again before running your vehicle on the track.

Store The Cars In Their Original Boxes

Whenever possible, you should always store your RC cars in their original boxes. You can use the labeled boxes to quickly and easily grab a specific car from the storage facility. Even when fully assembled, your RC cars should fit cleanly back inside the box.

You want the cars to fit snugly inside, without deforming the plastic body so they cannot jostle around during transport to the storage facility. You can add a few foam blocks between the edges of the box and the car if the boxes do not seem snug enough.

If possible, avoid stacking the boxes high, as the increased weight of each box can deform the bodies of the cars on the lowest part of the stack. You can bring in shelves that allow you to line the walls of the storage unit with RC cars without stacking the boxes on top of one another.

Finding Your Perfect Storage Unit

Climate controlled storage units work best for keeping your electric RC cars in good operating condition. Set the humidity at below 40% to prevent the electronics from developing rust on the main connection points. You will need to check with your storage facility coordinator to determine if you can keep the batteries in the unit. Due to the risk of fire, you may need to store your RC car batteries elsewhere. If you are allowed to store your batteries there, set the temperature at around 60 degrees to keep the batteries cool, yet prevent freezing. Before securing your storage unit, verify that your RC cars, and the shelves if you choose to use them, will fit inside with ease. 

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