3 Important Steps To Take Before Residential Movers Arrive To Help

So much time and energy are involved in a move. It can cause you stress and make you fearful of what's to come. You can set aside this apprehension by working with residential movers. They can lift heavy objects and do things in an organized manner. Just make sure that you take the following steps before the movers arrive. 

1.  Creative an Inventory Catalog 

Even when professional movers are involved, sometimes items get misplaced. Some people don't even realize this until months later. So that you know right away whether items have been misplaced or not by the movers, create an inventory catalog of your possessions.

Make a list of every possession being transported by the movers. When the move is over, you can check this catalog to make sure everything arrived. If an item is missing, you'll know about it immediately and can question the movers in a civilized manner.

2.  Pack Up Smaller Items 

So that the residential movers can just start loading up their truck when they arrive, you'll want to pack as many small items as you can. This doesn't have to be that difficult if you follow a certain protocol. Start by placing items in boxes based on a particular category.

For example, bathroom supplies can go in one box, and bedroom possessions can go in another. Being organized makes items much easier to find once this move has concluded.

Also, be sure to pack fragile items separately. You wouldn't want them banging into other items and being damaged. Once small items are boxed, create walkways for the movers. They'll then have a much easier time moving around.

3.  Get Rid of Unused Possessions 

When packing up your possessions, you'll probably come across items that you no longer have use for. It may be an old blanket, clothes that don't fit, or documents that you no longer need to keep at the new place. Instead of packing these items up, consider just throwing them away or donating them.

This item purging will make your move a lot more manageable to deal with, as you won't have as many items to pack and transport. If an item doesn't have value and is just taking up space, get rid of it.

Although moving requires a lot of planning and preparation, residential movers exist to make this process more manageable to deal with. As long as you prepare for them in advance, this transition will go smoothly. For more information, contact a residential moving company.